Does it suit me?

Meet Luci(fer). She is the newest addition to our family and we have been having a blast every weekend since we got her. Luci is a 1966 MGB roadster that we picked up a couple of weeks ago for $11,000. She has a temperamental battery, a rattle in the exhaust (needs replacing!) and 2nd gear just aint as smooth as it used to be, but she goes like a little beauty and handles like she's on rails.

And damn, she sure is pretty!

Here's the 1.8L 4cyl that she's got under the hood. Or rather, that's what we found once we finally got the hood open (until Peter fixed the release cable, the hood-opening procedure involved a metal rod through the grill!).

Peter and I are looking forward to some great weekends with Luci over the coming weeks.

Hopes are high for clear skies, uneventful garage stops and minimal intervention from the RAC.

Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures!

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