Kimi's World tour 2009

In 2009, Kimi took a tour of 7 countries in 3 weeks visiting New Zealand, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Singapore (no photos). The trip was both work and play.

The Work

Every good trip needs a good excuse to go, and on this occasion it was for three conferences in three weekends in three different countries across two continents. See the highlights.

American Thoracic Society, San Diego, USA

World Congress of Nephrology, Milan, Italy

InterSolar Europe, Munich, Germany

The Play

No work trip would be complete without some play to go along with it. In 2009 this meant a whirlwind trip from city to city.






When we finally got there.....

....there was plenty to see and do

You have to love the queen with all her pomp and ceremony.

In London, you just can't help but stand in front of things and get your photo taken.

And that brings us to the end of Kimi's world tour 2009. Looking forward to the next trips planned, Queensland in September, Laos/Cambodia 2010 and Everywhere 2011.

Happy travels!

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